1.Battle Cat Action Figure

The Classics Battle Cat takes the idea of Battle Cat that every kid had, and perfects it. Little did they know, the Battle Cat they always wanted was going to be nearly 30 years late. The figure is superbly articulated, absurdly well-designed, and almost obnoxious in how perfect it is. Battle Cat is the absolute epitome of Masters of the Universe action figures.

2.Skeletor Action Figure

 Skeletor is  a better action figure. Skeletor is perfectly executed, making it the ideal and iconic representation of the character everyone has always wanted. It doesn’t get much better than Classics Skeletor.

3.He-Man Action Figure

The Classics Action Figures couldn’t exist without its hero He-Man, and though the original Classics figure has a few flaws, it’s still one of the most important and best-executed figures in the line. It’s He-Man after all, and this figure single-handedly altered the course of Mattel’s collector lines, as well as the life of the Masters of the Universe brand. Any one who claims to be a fan absolutely has to own this figure.

4.Mer-Man Action Figure

Mer-Man primarily ranks highly due to the fantastic sculpting the figure features. His accessories are perfect, his articulation is perfect, and his extra head is perfect. But it’s the extremely detailed sculpting that really takes Mer-Man over the top of other figures. Figures don’t get much more enjoyable or look better than this one.

5.Man-At-Arms Action Figure

Man-At-Arms stands out in the Classics line because of his accessories. Not only does he include a second head, he comes with a variety of weapons and a set of body armor that allows the collector a lot of options. Man-At-Arms is a vital He-Man ally, and this figure is a vital piece of any Classics collection.

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